What Is a Mother of the Groom Dress?

The groom’s mother typically plays a center role in her son’s life, and on his wedding day, her attire should be in sync with the theme, style, and color of the wedding. It is important that the mother of the groom dress be appropriate for the event and not clash with clothing worn by other members of the wedding party, especially the mother of the bride’s outfit. The bride should also approve of the dress.

Old-school wedding etiquette calls for the mother of the bride to select her dress first, and then notify the mother of the groom with details of her selection. This clothing coordination helps prevent the dresses for wedding from being too similar or clashing. In place of this formality, the mothers can simply opt to discuss their ensemble ideas before actually shopping for the outfits. The protocol varies among cultures and generations, but common courtesy is expected.

The mother of the groom dress will typically be featured in many wedding photos, so it is important that the dress match the wedding’s atmosphere and the rest of the wedding party’s attire. The dress should be casual for a casual wedding, or ornate and elegant for a more formal affair. Dress length, sleeve length, and neckline are all factors that contribute to the dress’s overall impact.

The color of the dress is important. The mother of the groom has a specific role in the wedding, and her dress should be unique and not be too similar to the mother of the bride’s dress, the bridesmaid’s dresses, or even what the bride is wearing. Many dress shops and online stores will offer fabric color swatches. In addition to purchasing the dress early enough to have alterations completed on time, it is also important to pick out accessories to match the mother of the groom dress. pumps, jewelry, and gloves should be purchased well ahead of the wedding date.

Not every mother of groom dress needs to come off the rack. Seamstresses can typically work with a mother of the groom to create a one-of-a-kind outfit in just the right style, size, and color. Proper fit is important for such a special occasion, so even off-the-rack dresses will typically look better with a few tweaks from a skilled seamstress.

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